All izz well?


Writing after two ODIs and one T20. All against the same opposition but different narratives on each.  I figured I didn’t need to add my own voice to the whole world crying itself hoarse over the night when nostalgia reigned. When Yuvraj and Dhoni seemingly turned back the clock to score centuries. I watched the highlights and there was an unsettling feeling to the whole thing.  Mainly the fear that emotion and nostalgia would color the reporting on this and that seems to be the case.

I think it was a very well paced and measured innings from the two stalwarts and it would bode well for the team in the upcoming Champions Trophy. I still could not escape the feeling that while Yuvraj may be valuable in ODIs in T20s his value might be overstated. As has happened in the World T20s and in many of the IPL innings – he tends to a while to get going and in case he doesn’t stay long enough the number of balls he consumes getting started come back to haunt the team.  It seems churlish to say that about a man who just got his highest ever ODI score and joined the ranks of a select few to have made a score of 150 in ODIs but I am just trying to be wary of one size fits all approach.

Not that the selectors left a lot of choice by selecting a squad for T20s that has a ‘Dad’s army party’ feel to it. I just hope folks like Manish Pandey don’t get demoralized.

I would be watching for the fielding in the next T20 to see if the other fear I have with this selection comes to play. Something like the scene from Dhoni’s biopic where he thinks the seniors are conceding lots of runs on the field relieving pressure from the batting side.


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