Holy Grail

Sep 2011

I guess my self-imposed exile lasted less than that of Boycott’s. I suppose it was a trip to the holy grail of cricket that opened the floodgates again.  A visit to Lord’s had been in my bucket list forever and I got a chance to do that this month.

Before the visit I was looking to get a feel for it using Google Street View (kind of like Saroo Brieley). Couldn’t get myself to imagine that this was in the middle of a neighborhood. It was a surreal experience – the slope, the balcony, the dressing rooms with the honor board.

Even the portrait of Len Hutton felt familiar – I think it was part of the jacket illustration of his book “Just My Story” which was the first cricket book I read. That led me on a path of consuming and collecting cricket books that has taken led me to unexpected locations. From affordable paperbacks ordered through Marine Sports to used books at barnesandnobles.com, amazon.com, flea markets and garage sales I have rummaged through a lot. 50 plus physical books and a few ebooks suggest a lot of time spent/wasted – hopefully there is something useful I have picked up along the way.

This visit was in the middle of the India England one day series which was also a lost cause for the visiting team. I think it was during that series that the ‘donkeys in the field’ comment by one Nasser Hussain led to much recrimination in the later years.

So I guess the experiment was short-lived. I did feel that in the month or so of the exile I had time on my hand.  Always felt something was missing though. For the foreseeable future cricket tragic I remain !!


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