Nostalgia? Not Good


4 off 12 deliveries. That was vision of my worst fears coming true. It seems like players world over have evolved their games to the demands of rapidly changing T20 games but Yuvraj’s game in this format is stuck in a time warp. It was amusing to listen to commentators with their nostalgia tinted views talk about how it would be better if he came in later when pacers would be operating.  I wonder if the IPL franchises were paying attention or if they would still splurge millions for Yuvraj at the auction only to release him after one season.

It was funny also to hear Siva go after Pandey for not going after the bowling more. This for an innings that almost run a ball and also the second highest.  The gripe was that Dhoni didn’t come out early enough. It fell on Nick Knight to remark dryly that instead of getting hung up on the positions everyone needs to look to score in T20s.

This was one game I was able to watch almost in its entirety.  Evolving their craft seems to be something the Indian commentators haven’t done either. There are one or two good insights from them but it only takes a few sentences from Nasser Hussain to highlight the vast gulf that exists in the standards.  Enough has been said about the individual styles and idiosyncrasies of the Shastris, Gavaskars and Sivaramakrishnans. The fact that I have started finding Manjrekar more than tolerable speaks volumes about this lack of evolution.

Nehra did prove me completely wrong though. Wasn’t sure he still had it in him to come up with the variations needed with batsmen becoming more aware of their game. Credit to him and Bumrah. The latter was fantastic with the slower ones. The pitch did help but he utilized it well.

Another thought related to the IPL auctions came to mind. The franchises seem spoilt for choices this time with almost the entire England team looking to be worthy contenders. Buttler, Billings and Morgan aside, looks like the franchises will definitely be eyeing Jason Roy, Joe Root, Chris Jordan, Ben Stokes,  and Moeen Ali. With a few good players from the Australian BBL also impressing it sets up a mouth watering prospect for IPL.  That is if we can get out of the T20 fatigue post World cup.

Another good game coming up this afternoon – NZ Aus ODI. Would dearly like to follow it live. Lets see if I can.


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