Eat my words? Not quite yet …

Feb 1, 2017

Were 4 shots enough to make me eat my words? I would say not just yet.

Another good game for the Indians. One I couldn’t watch live due to a pesky little matter of going to work to earn a living. Watched the highlights and on a flat Bangalore pitch the Indian batsmen who struggled in the earlier matches came into their own.

It was not surprising that Pant got a look in. And I wasn’t surprised that Pandey was the one who had to make way. There is something about selecting seniors in the team – they seem to enjoy the patience of the team selectors a bit longer. So Yuvraj stayed and in a 6,6,4,6 routine made me question if he was back to his T20 best after all. The slower ball that deceived him so completely may have done the same to better batsmen but it still was not a pretty sight.

Raina coming back to form was much more pleasing to the eye. In the highlights package there seemed to be no discomfort against pace although its hard to imagine him not getting into a tangle with the short ball at least once during an innings. Dhoni and Raina were together and it seemed all was right with the world.

Joe Root plays so effortlessly that sometimes you are afraid he may go the David Gower route rather than the Graham Gooch way. Elegant but not always effective enough for the team cause over a long periods. I hope I am wrong since he carries the hopes of the whole of England. His dismissal along with Morgan’s started the nine-pin fall that I haven’t seem for a while. Weakness against leg spin – check, panic in a chase – check. Seemed all too easy at the end which is a pity since this England team has the promise to go a long way.

So at the end England go back empty handed.

As for me things seem to have come full circle since that first post in 2011 when I resolved to stay away from the game. I am back baby!!! Does not look like cricket will be far awy from my thoughts again for the rest of my life. Might as well accept it.


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