While I wait

One more test. One more series. Maybe not the most glamorous but wasn’t quite the cakewalk some had anticipated.

Followed the game live off and on while India was batting. Was hoping for a Pujara ton but got three others one of which was a double to boot. I want to describe Kohli’s batting and one of these days I might be able to find some words to do just that. At this point though it leaves me speechless.

I did not want to write Bangladesh off just because of the enormity of the task in front of them. I was watching their series with New Zealand on the watchESPN app. My hopes were raised after the first innings of the first test when Shakib finally seemed to have come of age as a test batsman. Reality hit in the second innings and continued through the second test. I do think there is some merit to the things said in Bangladesh defense – they don’t play too many tests, they are still improving, they occupied the crease for a long time etc. I did not realize they had played 98 tests already.  The entire nation must be hoping they come of age as a team – I hope so too.

And so we wait. The hottest series of the summer – with the men from Down Under visiting.

The filler games during the wait were uninspiring to say the least. The South Africa Sri Lanka series was one of the more one-sided affairs in recent memory. The silver lining for me was the emergence of some good bowlers on SL side – Kumara seemed to be a good prospect. But the sight of a hobbling Angelo Matthews and an underperforming Chandimal must have lent a sense of déjà vu to the fans. How long must they wait to see these stars add consistency and resilience to their resume?

An upcoming series between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka would inspire interests only from the most die-hard of neutral observers given the past few performances. I think I will be among those sadistic die-hards. Just because it’s a game of cricket – and the guys playing it will still be doing a better job than I can ever hope for.


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